Monday, July 29, 2013

Changed my mind

After fighting with all the fiddly little pieces in that engine, and having not even gotten started on the rest of the car, I was burnt out.

So I grabbed a different kit, one that had quite a bit fewer pieces.

And this one is going to be black, with gold stripes.....

Now that may ring a bell with a couple people.
And especially if you are a Ford fan....

There are only a few cars that have carried that livery.

So more to come shortly...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Enthusiast Series

So this is my first venture into Fujimi's Enthusiast series....
It is impressive, but also equally daunting.....
Here is the 2.8Liter V-8 from my latest project.
This thing has more pieces just in the engine than some kits have!
From all the hoses, and connections, to individual fuel rails for each bank of cylinders.
Still have a couple of spots that need a little more attention and paint.
For instance the intercoolers on top are just "mocked up" as I try to get all the plumbing for the twin-turbo system looking right.
It fits nicely on the little engine display stand that was included (6 pieces itself, just for the stand!)
But I have yet to start work on the suspension or chassis
So I am hoping everything will line up the way the factory intended, and it will all fit when the time comes to put everything together.